Why BeyondBarreTM?

BeyondBarreTM is the unique, body-transforming, cardio-centric, skating-infused, ballet barre workout that combines:

  •   Improved Balance
  •   Faster Reflexes
  •   Improved Cardiovascular Health
  •   Increased Calorie Burn
  •   A Stronger Body–Top to Bottom

What is the BeyondBarreTM Home Workout System?

Ballet meets ice-skating.

The BeyondBarre Home Workout System featuring the new BeyondBarre Sport Exerciser is a true cardio ballet barre workout system unlike any other on the market today.

Developed by Fitness Expert, Colleen Ketchum, the BeyondBarreTM Training Method is a body-sculpting, fat-burning, muscle-stretching, cardio-pumping group training workout found in studios across the US. The BeyondBarre training method has helped thousands of people become leaner, stronger, and healthier. Featuring the new BeyondBarre Sport Exerciser, Colleen has created BeyondBarre Home Workout System to deliver the same amazing studio class results from the comfort of your own home.

Created for all fitness levels, the BeyondBarre Home Workout System focuses on proper form and body alignment to avoid strain and injury. Users experience body-transforming results that strengthen their commitment to optimum health and wellness.

Benefits of the BeyondBarreTM Workout Method:

BeyondBarre Sport is a portable ballet barre with an attached “skating” glideboard surface that allows you to slide back and forth from one end of the “ice” to the other using movements much like those of an ice skater – hence “Cardio BarreSkate”!

There’s no need for skates though, because you do all your sliding in your BeyondBarre Booties!


To strengthen your muscles, the BeyondBarre GlideBoard features resistance band attachments. As you glide across the board with a resistance band attached to the opposite side, the resistance pulling against your body increases. Over time, this builds strength in your legs, core and even your shoulders and arms. The attached resistance bands can be used for standalone exercise as well, like arm curls and presses.


On the fence? Try BeyondBarre Sport for 30 days with an in-home trial, risk-free!


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Who is Colleen Ketchum?

Fitness Expert & Founder of BeyondBarre™ Training Method

  • The BeyondBarre™ Training Method was created by fitness trainer Colleen Ketchum. Colleen’s passion to improve strength, mobility and function of bodies was evident in her opening and teaching for over 13 years at Pilates In Motion Fitness Studio in Warwick, NY. She was a competitive gymnast and has a degree in biology, and has occasionally preformed a stunt double for film and television.
  • To increase the cardio aspect of her clients’ Pilates workouts, Colleen designed the BeyondBarre glideboard surface. Growing up with hockey playing brothers Colleen was familiar with “artificial ice” hockey trainers. She saw the cardio benefits to the skating action as well as the side-to-side lateral muscle strengthening benefits.
  • Colleen built upon the hockey trainer idea and created the BeyondBarre Sport Home Exerciser. Combining the ballet barre with a slick skating surface that is just the right length to achieve optimal benefit.

Quote from Colleen:

"I feel like a kid again each time I push off one end of the BeyondBarre Sport and smoothly glide to the other side. It’s almost like floating. And then, if that is not amazing enough, working on plies, relevés and stretches with the body sculpting ballet barre. For me it is the best of the sport and fitness worlds in one beautiful workout system."